About CAAi | A Wholly Owned Subsidiary of the UK CAA
About Us

The world moves fast. The aviation world moves faster still. At CAAi, we meet the operational challenges within our sector of constant changes in technology, legality and commercial reality.

CAA International (CAAi), a wholly owned subsidiary of the UK Civil Aviation Authority (UK CAA), is a leading and globally recognised aviation consultancy company.

We work closely with our clients to deliver and promote best practice in Aviation Safety and education, helping to create a flying world fit for the 21st Century. That includes pretty much everyone in the Aviation Industry: from Governments, National, Defence and Military Aviation Authorities to Airports, Air Navigation Service Providers and Airlines. We also work with Training Organisations, Flight Simulation Training Device Manufacturers and Operators, and Aircraft Design, Production and Maintenance organisations.

Our expert advice is sought wherever technical knowledge, legal probity and commercial judgment are critical.

From our office locations in the UK and Malaysia, our team of technical professionals – current UK Regulators – and project management specialists provide advice across the complete range of aviation related activities.

We deliver advisory services, professional training, aviation examination services and certification against internationally recognised quality management standards.

Drawing on the experience and know-how of our technical professionals, we assemble multi-disciplinary teams who work collaboratively with our clients. By building on our expertise and experience of operating over 140 countries, CAAi is able to deliver tailored solutions shaped to meet the needs of all sectors of the Aviation Industry.

We don’t just respond to the needs of our clients, we anticipate them. We are relentless in pursuing better, smarter and more relevant ways for them to operate – and meet the challenges of change. We’re not only supporting the aviation of today, we’re helping to define the aviation of tomorrow. Creating new opportunities and developing new markets – and always, in whatever we do, delivering above and beyond.

CAA International Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Civil Aviation Authority.
Registered in England, company registration number 04104068. Registered office is CAA House, 45-59 Kingsway, London, WC2B 6TE.  VAT registration number GB 771 5482 14.
Our UK CAA Knowledge Pool
  • 42 years’ regulating the UK aviation industry
  • 80 Active UK CAA Airworthiness experts
  • 100 Active UK CAA Airspace, ATM & Aerodrome specialists
  • 50 Flight Operations Experts
  • 70 Aviation Security Specialists
  • 10 Environmental Impact Consultants
  • 20 Airspace Regulators
  • 20 Safety Performance & Data Analysts
  • 10 Aircraft Certification Experts
  • 30 Economists & Consumer Protection Experts
  • 15 Performance Based Regulation Experts
  • 30 Project Management Professionals


CAAi in Numbers
  • 140 countries where we deliver UK CAA expertise
  • 1,067 SAFA inspections per annum
  • 1,290 delegates received CAAi training last year
  • 8,700 aviation exams sat last year


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